WTS: Dual Modded SE-Sold


Sold, sold, sold.

Selling this PS3 SE dual modded using the DPDT switch method. The 360 PCB is a madcatz TE board. $50 shipped to US 48.

Link for the pictures: Flickr: iorywang_99’s Photostream

a few things you need to know:

  1. stick and buttons are stock ones not sanwa, washier problem is fixed.

  2. Both mode don’t have turbo function. I messed up cutting the turbo wire connection on the PS3 board while soldering the turbo wire from 360 board onto it. You can see the red dot upper right in that wiring picture. That is where the connection breaks. It is still fixable by veteran modder, but as a newbie modder, I didn’t take the risk. lol

  3. I only have 360. So I test it on 360, for ps3 mode, I only tested on PC.


I’ll take it.


payment sent a lil bit ago