WTS: Dual Modded SF4 Rnd2 TE (with PS360+) [price cut]


sold everything


Damn i only have $74


Do you still have the SFxTK stick, PayPal verified!


yep PM me if you would like it


sorry i didn’t get the alert that i had a PM for some reason, i sent you a follow up if you would still like it :slight_smile:


price cut, dual mod to $180 FREE SHIPPING, SfxT to $95 FREE SHIPPING


I’m assuming you have the box for the R2 TE?


yeah the TE ships in original box
the sfxt stick isn’t the original box but is well packed in an appropriate box with inserts and bubble wrap


Is anyone currently looking at the SFxT stick? If not, I’m interested. If nobody is, could you hold it a day?


yeah i can hold it


sold the sfxt stick