WTS: Dual Modded T5, MC-Chuthulu/360(SOLD)


This is a modded Hori Tekken 5 joystick.

All new Seimistsu buttons, and Sanwa JLF. New matching Seimitsu balltop and Sanwa shaft cover

New Multi-Console Chuthulu, along with a new Imp board, and a new Mad Katz Xbox 360 PCB.

New Arthong 6-button plexi, with absolutely no scratches or defects.

Two button holes closest to joystick have been filled, so even if the plexi is removed a lami-label will stick on perfectly.

The buttons are Street Fighter defaults for all systems


X O R2

Imp board is set to default to Chuthulu on start up. When the start and select buttons are held down on start up the Imp selects the 360 Mad Katz PCB.

Start and select pushed together during operation acts as the Home/guide button.

The Multi-Console Chuthulu is capable of working with Xbox, PS2, Wii, and Game Cube. However it has not been wired for this yet, but could be added now at an additional fee or later.

Price is $215 shipped. If additional work on the stick is needed we can negotiate the fee. Please, feel free to post or PM me any questions you might have.


Price drop:d:


nice stick

how did you get start+select to work as guide? is that a chuthulu/imp thing?


The Imp board handles the start/select for both the startup and guide/home functions. It is a great board and very handy.

I am open to offers.


Final price drop before I part this out. If you do the math you will see I have about that much in it.

If it does not sell, I will be parting it out, so if you are interested in the bare case or just the PCBs, or buttons, than shoot me a pm.


It’s a real shame if someone doesn’t pick this up for 215. 215 is essentially COST OF MATERIALS.

If I didn’t do my own mods and didn’t have 5 sticks either dual modded or in the process I’d buy it.


I want the OP stick so bad. Wish I had the money right now.


PCBs are sold.

If any one was interested in the PCB setup I can build more, contact me via PM