WTS Dual Modded TE Fightstick


Lately I have no time for fighters. I have a dual modded TE Fightstick I want to sell for 235$. I purchased the stick already modded so I cannot say what exactly the specs are. I DO know that it works with PS3/Xbox360/PC, as I have played with the stick on all systems. I do not have pics and I may not have pics up tonight but will bump when I do post pics.

I also have various parts I can offer for free upon purchase… PS3/PC Cthulhu (PCB), Seimitsu joystick, 8 Seimitsu transparent buttons, some Sanwa buttons.

Like I said, I will be trying to post pics tonight but it probably won’t happen until tomorrow. If you have any interest please PM me here at the forum, or e-mail me @ jacobw657@gmail.com, or send me txt message @ (309)669-7319.



So here are the images I said I would post… In my opinion this is a good deal. A lot of spare parts, not including the parts that are installed. And I forgot to mention…there is a Gamecube cord, I tested it on a gamecube and it worked! I also plugged into a hacked Nintendo Wii and the stick worked on Gamecube roms, however I did not test it on a legit Wii or on any Nintendo Wii games, so your guess is as good as mine if it would work on there or not.



I apologize the only camera I have available is my phone camera and it has suffered some damage so the quality of the images are not great.

Again, if you have any interest PM me, e-mail me at jacobw657@gmail.com, or call/smstxt me at (309)669-7319. Thank you =P