WTS: Dual Modded TE-S/ PCBs/ Anime & Manga/ Other Random Items

Hi everyone,
All transactions will be handled through paypal or cash (if local pick up).

Verified Paypal accounts only.


I am located in the los angeles area, PM me for local pick up.
PM me if you?re interested in anything here, prices are non-negotiable.

Dual modded Tournament Edition ? S stick
I have a Mad Catz TE-S that I purchased about 2 months ago. I used the stick for about a month, and took it apart afterwards in order to dual-mod it. I?m about to finish wiring it to a MC Cthulhu and IMP. Removed the back button and installed a Neutrik USB adaptor. Comes with a white and black ball top.
Will be selling that for $185 Shipped. Pictures will be up tonight once I finish the mod.

Or if theres enough interest I?ll part it out for:
Case (Includes Neutrik Adaptor):** $65 shipped**
Dual Modded pcbs (TE , MC Cthul wired with playstation, and IMP): $ 90 shipped
JLF: $20 shipped

Gaming Stuff


Dual modded 360 SE pcb + Chimp $80 Shipped

MC Cthul - $28 shipped Sold to TOSHINU

Chimp - $28 shipped Sold to TOSHINU

360 Madcatz blanka fightpad - $25 shipped Sold to TOSHINU

Playstation 1 Digital Padhack -** $15 shipped**

Dreamcast Quantum fighterpad (Unopened)** $13 shipped**


Hori ex-2 Case + Joystick :** $25 Shipped**


SF4 SE Case: $35 shipped Sold Local Pick up

SF4 SE Joystick (JLF clone): $10 Shipped

Light blue Sanwa bat top + Bat top adaptor: $7 shipped *Sold to The Realyst *
Sanwa Octogonal Gate: $5 Shipped Sold to TOSHINU

PS2 MAS Stick Guts (Chip and cord): $15 shipped (IDK maybe someone can use it for a standalone build?)
Dreamcast MAS Stick Guts (Chip and cord): **$15 shipped


PS Breath of Fire 4 (Rare collecter?s item)
Mint condition/opened selling for $40 shipped

Final Fantasy XII for ps2= $20 Shipped

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (Nintendo wii): $35 shipped

Street Fighter Alpha the movie: $10 Shipped
Street Fighter II V (Full Series) : $25 shipped **
Neon Genesis Evangelion Full Box set: $30 Shipped
Cowboy Bebop the movie: $15 shipped
Full Metal Panic (Full series box set) $50 Shipped
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu Full Series 4-dvds + Full Metal Panic: The second raid DVD: 1: ** $30 shipped




Canon Rebel 2000 Film SLR with Canon 28-80 mm lens:** $70 shipped**

OP/Tech Shoulder D/SLR Shoulder strap and wrist strap: $10 shipped


I have a couple more items that I’ll be posting later this afternoon. Sorry for the delay.

I’m interested in seeing the pics for that PS2 MAS

EDIT: Nvm, read it wrong.

pm sent

Pics of dc fightpad and dc mas chip/cord?

I’ll get that MC Cthu if the other person doesn’t go through. Got pics of anything else?

I think I might want that MAS Guts sale…Need to see pics and more detailed info please.

Hey! The bat top you have you say is light blue. You mean this color?

Sanwa LB-30-N Bat Top, Blue

If so, shoot me over that paypal info.

Your inbox is full. PM me when you get a chance.

What he said… Payment sent for Blue bat top. The shipping address should be in the payment email, but I will still send you a pm with this information when you clear out your inbox.

interested in EX2 case+joystick pending pictures =)

PMs sent and Photo links to some items posted