WTS: Dual-Modded TE's, PS3 SE

Selling off a couple of my extra sticks due to having too much stuff in my apartment.

First off is a PS3 TE with the Marvel vs Capcom 2 art with White sides and a White Bezel. Comes with a Pink Bubble top and All White buttons. Joystick is more loose than not. Missing two screws on the top panel. The stick is dual modded with a Madcatz Controller and a DPDT switch in the Wire compartment. PS3 functionality is 100%, but 360 has a few problems. The guide button does not work and the 3K button also registers Down when hit for some reason. Let me know if you want pictures of the inside.

Looking for around 80$ shipped, OBO.

Next, I have a 360 TE dual modded with a MC Cthulu board. It comes with a regular plexi from Art along with custom M.Bison art. The bezel (originally Red) and sides (originally White) as well as the Turbo Plate are painted yellow, but there are obvious signs of wear and tear with the paint peeling off on a few places. Missing one screw on the top panel (plexi only has 4 screw holes) .Comes with a GC cable connected to the Cthulu for Wii/GC compatability. 360 and PS3 functionality are both 100% working, except for the 360 headphone jack does not work.


Finally I have a PS3 SE with 6 Semitsu buttons and a Semitsu LS-32 Joystick. Some slight residue from tape is present on the sides. Bottom Panel is held in with only two screws and does not come with the rubber feet.


All Prices include shipping to the US. No International shipping, sorry :(. If you have any questions, please ask. I apologize for the shitty Cellphone pics. If you need a better picture of something, just ask. Also I haven’t been around in a while, so my asking prices may be completely off. Please don’t hesitate to offer.




360 TE and PS3 SE are sold.

guess u dont like my pm lol.