WTS: Dual Modded White Asian Import TE

Scroll down for high res photos of the stick and mod job!

I’m asking for $250 shipped!

I must mod that Import TE!

PM’d regarding the VLX.


Why do I always buy a stick then see one I want more :frowning: I just bought a 2nd chun te-s (for modding purposes) but I would have rather had this one lol

Follow your heart!

Send me Paypal I will consider this!

ill offer $160 for that TE

Are u stoned? They sell for more than $250

Added another TE to sell!

Do the arcade sticks come with the original boxes? Also, what is the import TE dual modded with? Thank you.

It isn’t modded, which is why you should buy it and have me mod it!

Oh, I was mislead by the title. I guess I may have to jump on these deals.

Matthew, why you do not think it is Dual Modded?
etalage says it is.

Here is why.

I was one who Dual Mod this Asian TE for etalage.
etalage is selling the Asian TE I Dual Mod.

What is Laugh. at the end of your posts?

the laugh is for gummo

this makes me sad.

we can no longer be friends :frowning:

are you in socal? i want that blazblue te :smiley:

The laugh adds 20% more awesome.


Prices include shipping?