WTS: Dual Stick Panel, PS2>Misc. Converters and Games


I’m taking a hiatus from gaming, so I’m selling some stuff that I rarely use anymore. More pics can be found here.

Drop-In Stick Box w/ Astro City-2L12B-Empty-Panel- $80 OBO
Also seen here.
[Box requires plexi-glass, and a bit of maintenance]
[Plastic on P1 side of panel is slightly peeling; in good condition otherwise]

XConverter 360 Plus: [SOLD]
Mayflash Cube JoyBox: [SOLD]
EMS Dreamcast Converters: [SOLD]
[All converters are MC Cthulhu-Compatible]

[DC] Dream Studio - [SOLD]
[PS1] Project Justice 2 - [SOLD]
[DS] Daigasso Band Bros. DX - [SOLD]
[PS2] DDR Extreme - [SOLD]
[Discs have very light/no scratches]

Shipping will be USPS Priority [3-5 days], and pricing will depend on size of order [usually $5-$10]


is that $40 shipped for the drop in?

and is there a cover for the bottom?


do the sticks include wire harnesses?


I forgot to add shipping [+$10 for the box]. Sadly, no on the bottom.

You can go to Lowes/Home Depot to have them set the dimensions on it.

Indeed, they do.


Same question, are the panel and drop in shipped?


how much for both stick shipped to 94134?


For the panel, drop-in, and sticks, shipping will be $15 altogether. If you were to buy 1/3 or 2/3, shipping will be only $10.



Sent a PM regarding a set of buttons o;




pm sent regarding buttons as well




I’m not sure why but I didn’t receive your pm. I deleted some messages just incase my inbox/outbox was full. I sent you another pm letting you know.


Understood. My inbox/sent box was full for a bit as well. It’s cleaned out now.


Thanks for the quick response. pm sent and hopes set to high


pm sent


payment sent, thanks.


Is that one of the Cases Mdsx made a while back?


Indeed it is. I was lucky enough to get the 5/5 one before he stopped making them.


40$ for both seems a bit steep for me. thanks though


No worries.