WTS - DVDs, Broadway Rearview Mirror, Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card

SERIOUSLY trying to sell stuff to finish my dual player stick…still need to buy some parts! HELP!!!

(x1) Clear Seimitsu Balltop, (x3) Bat top adapters — TRADED to sswizzbbeatss — TRADE COMPLETE
(x1) NAUSB, (x1) Clear Bubbletop — SOLD to ibeatu — SALE COMPLETE
(x1) Sanwa Square Gate — SOLD to raweriio — SALE COMPLETE
(x1) Clear Bubbletop — SOLD to W00P MstR FresH — SALE COMPLETE
**(x2) NAUSB ** — SOLD to Raoul Duke — SALE COMPLETE
(x1) Sanwa Square Gate, (x1) Black Balltop — SOLD to Monte — SALE COMPLETE
(x1) Cubejoybox PS2/GC Convertor — SOLD to kitsunisan — SALE COMPLETE
(x1) Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 PS3 — SOLD to Shadow Ace 50 — SALE COMPLETE
(x1) Gamecube PCB, (x1) Wii Hori Fightstick w/extra LS-35 Spring — SOLD to m0o0 — SHIPPED
(x1) KOF XXI PS3 — SOLD to sonnywortzik — SALE COMPLETE
(x1) Samsung Eternity a867 Phone — SOLD to charliedrums — SALE COMPLETE
(x2) Men’s Louis Vuitton Wallet NEW & USED, (x1) Linksys Wireless G 2.4 GHz: WRT54G — SOLD to theBAYsics — SHIPPED
(x1) Nike Dunk SZ 11 — SOLD to ibeatu — SHIPPED

300 (unopened), Transformers(opened, watched once), Pan’s Labrynth (unopened) DVDs - All 3 = $10 shipped




The Lord of the Rings Trilogy DVD set Complete (good condition) = $30 shipped

Buy all 3 DVD’s and Lord of the Rings Box Set for = $35 shipped!!!

Broadway Mirror (Used, like new) = $10 shipped

Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card (no CD, just plug in and download driver from internet) = $10 shipped obo

If more pictures are needed for anything, will put up if requested. Thanks guys!

Trades anyone…? You don’t have to match exactly what I listed for exchanges/trades, you can mix and match and make offers on what you want with anything listed

I need bat top adapters

Wiring pin for a clear bubble top?

JLF-H 5-Pin Wiring Harness? Then yes…confirm with PM and we’ll exchange address info…

Hmmm…got any of the clear arrow dust washers laying around? Don’t know if they are worth anything else I want…they’re like 50 cents a piece from lizardlick. Let me know if u really want them and we could figure something out…

My bad cause ur post is a bit confusing so i was afraid you were gonna say my wireing harness for your clear bubbletop

wait my arror tek innovations transparent dustwasher with the arrows for the adpters also

wait are they those adapters lb-30n to fit in a jlf?
cause i want those

Yes they are…that’s exactly where I bought them from!

So sorry for the confusion…so let me straighten this out. the following trades will be made:

  1. Your JLF 5-Pin harness (x1) ---- My clear Seimitsu Balltop (x1)
  2. Your clear tek-innovations dustwasher (x1) ---- My lb-30n adapters (x3?)

If this is correct, let me know!

yea lets do the trade tommorow if possible
i have a stupid history project due tomorow morning…

Nice. I’ll let you know when I’ve shipped the item already…via usps

Well not much luck with trades here…will give another week or maybe even less. I’ll start coming up with prices and close down this thread soon or just change everything to SALES.

If they are not traded I need those adapters and maybe the ball top. I will look at my parts when I get home and see if there is anything you are interested in.

Yeah let me know…I’m actually sending out the x3 adapters out to sswizzbbeatss, BUT I know I definitely have 2 more adapters in my garage somewhere. Which color balltop did u want?

sswizzbbeatss, sent the items this morning!

BUMP…think I’ll change to sales by Monday, I’ll start coming up with prices

Edit~nvm santee does exist. thoguth u meant sante fe

Did you find anything worth trading?

I have one of the Sanwa JLF-H 5-Pin Wiring Harness do you need another one.