WTS: DVDs + Other Stuff (will be adding more over the next few days so check back!)

Basically, I’m unpacking some boxes from moving and determining things I want/need to keep vs stuff I don’t use anymore.

First up a box of DVDs I came across.

I’ll list the condition as “acceptable” but most of these are in very good condition and all have cases and covers. I just want to save the hassle of going through them one by one to check.

I’m asking 2.50 each plus shipping. Shipping will obviously be combined if you order more than one and as close to actually shipping as I can guesstimate, otherwise it’ll be 2.00 for 1 DVD.

Payment by paypal and feel free to make offers if you want to buy a handful of them.

28 Days Later
Hart’s War
American Me
Dave Chappelle Show Season 1 (asking 5.00 on this)
The Crow
Resident Evil Apocalypse
How High
She’s All That
Life or Something Like It
Prey For Rock & Roll
Resident Evil
Scarlett Diva
Wake of Death
Married with Children Most Outrageous Episodes Vol.01
Hellfest 2002
The Passion of the Jew (Southpark)
Big Fish
The Village
Rose Red
Hood of the Living Dead (promo)
SLC Punk
The Cave
The Doctor & The Devils
Saw II
Confessions of a Pit Fighter

Other stuff:

Catherine Preorder bonus Artbook & CD - 8.00
Senko no Ronde DUO Limited Edition Double Drama CD - 10.00
Fate/Tiger Coliseum (JP) for PSP - 10.00
Homefront (cover has water damage) 10.00 (region free)