Put up a huge collection of Marvel Legends if anyone is interested.

133 Marvel legend figures and accessories:
133 MARVEL LEGENDS FIGURE LOT // WITH MOST ACCESSORIES - eBay (item 180638364609 end time Mar-18-11 09:28:14 PDT)

17 Marvel Icons and Build-A-Figures:
17 MARVEL ICONS + MARVEL LEGENDS BUILD-A-FIGURE 12" LOT - eBay (item 180638374032 end time Mar-18-11 09:58:46 PDT)

16 Sota Street FIghter Figures:
16 SOTA STREET FIGHTER FIGURES RYU BISON BLANKA CAMMY!! - eBay (item 180637394829 end time Mar-16-11 08:21:27 PDT)

3 Mega Man Figures:

Too bad you’re only selling them as a lot… I want Remy and Ibuki

^this. If you woulda sold them as singles on here you coulda made a killing. oh well…i would have definitely bought two or three at 25-30 a piece though.

I wanted to sell them separately but I don’t have time to mail out a bunch of packages. I just need to clear up some space.

I completely understand your reasoning, just too bad, I don’t need all those figures.

I hear you bro. Good luck with your sale! They look like they are in great condition.

You don’t happen to have any of the original boxes/packages do u?

Nope, sorry the majority of them are loose. The only ones that have them are the ones still in the packages.

going to put the SOTA’s on ebay watch list.

Added some Mega Man Figures.
3 UNOPENED MEGA MAN FIGURES/ PROTO MAN / CUT MAN / RUSH - eBay (item 180638966190 end time Mar-20-11 05:47:37 PDT)

See, you should have asked here first, I totally would have bought Protoman in a heartbeat.