WTS EBAY Xbox Blazblue LE, other games, T5 shell, n64,


Blazeblue 360 LE
Kof 98 UM
SMash 64 X2
mario kart 64
LOZ: wind waker

Also Fate/stay night PC cd edition japanese 45$ shipped
LOZ wind waker japanese. 15$ shipped

these are both excellent condition, they were bought used but apparently the Japanese have good standards for used games they are in great condition.

N64 Console x2 w/ controller and games goldeneye and mario tennis and others.
9 bucks for console+ shipping plus money for games.

not sure how much shipping goes for these and ill let you decide whither you want priority or Media mail or whatever, ill only charge what it costs to ship.


Bump lowered prices.

auctions ending today.

I might be interested in that N64 and the games for it. If they don’t sell let me know through a PM. :slight_smile: