Wts eight arc ivory fusion 135 shipped for 6/27/12 only after its goin back to OP price


Hey Guys,

No sooner than I get these I have to sell due to some things coming up that I need cash
Toodles Spark-sold to Shadowyamato
Sanwa Buttons and Balltop sold to-fifty8mm
Wired Paewang-sold to THe Realyst

Now I have my eight arc ivory fusion for sale-I have the box, button plugs, and generic headset all included. Looking for 150 shipped in the CONUS via paypal only, wont go only lower as I’m not insane LOL.
Untitled by slaycruz13, on Flickr

Need this gone…so please help a brother out lol…


Sanwa Buttons/Ball top pending pmt

Paewang pending pmt


Dang, I would’ve picked these all up!


The spark is still available and I have another one as well amd I’m thinking about putting some cases up…maybe lol.


Always the best prices! Great guy.


Bump…spark 30 shipped…added item eight arc fusion ivory 150 shipped ( firm) pics will updated layer.later


Spark sold to shadowyamato


Would’ve picked up the ivory if I didnt just buy a stick last night. GLWS


Updated OP with pic…hit me up yo!!!


Bump $[S]150 shipped [/S]135 shipped…cmon peeps…

Remember its for 6/27/12 only and eff 12:am 6/28/12 cst its going back to OP price…so hit me up while the deal is on…


Eight arc sold to psylocke…thanks guys…this should appease the ball and chain lol


dang i missed it by a hair!


This was a sick auction, will definitely keep an eye out in the future.