WTS: eightarc Fusion 3-in-1 Dual Mod Stick /w extra Sanwa buttons

Feel like my fighting game days have been dead to rights ever since I picked up Street Fighter ten years ago. I’ve decided to spend my money and time on something more productive and sell what’s left of my stuff.

eightarc Fusion (aka Qanba Q4) - less than 5-10 hours of use.

Includes original parts and bonus goodies:
original box
XBL headset
two button plugs

Also am selling the clear plexiglass for custom artwork

An extra set of 6 red sanwa buttons along with clear red bubble ball top.

I’m currently entertaining offers for everything as a package. Please do not insult me by sending low-ball offers.

so how much do you want for it?

Yea bro, you have to set a price. It’s one of the rules of this here forum. You can’t just ask for offers.

Yes I’d like to know.


I’m also curious about a price.

I’m not your bro.

Item sold a couple of days ago, unless I don’t get the money

Are the buttons and Balltop taken too?

Damn, I never learn my lesson. I aim to help people get money for their stuff and instead I run into assholes and pieces of shits. You can choose which one you are. Why would anyone do business with dudes like this, I don’t know.

That wasn’t nice. You’re also warning him in order not to get a infraction for not posting a price.

Please post prices or proper action will be taken.