WTS: Electric Guitar Effects

Good day.

If you’re looking at guitar gear, I’m going to guess that you know a thing or two about what’s good as well as harmony-central’s effect reviews. Because of that, I’m not gonna give you lengthy sales pitches. I’m selling these pieces of gear because, simply, I don’t use them. They all sound great, but I’ve either lost the need for such effects… or just don’t know how to use them well. All of these are in great working order… and I can’t recall any real cosmetic issues, either.

I’m selling…

Ibanez DE-7 - $40
As an entry-level delay pedal, this one is pretty awesome. It has a fantastic analog/tape echo tone option… as well as the ability to use it as a sick self-oscillating device. Does not have tap tempo, though.

Ibanez WD-7 - $60
This is, if I recall correctly, a fiber-optic based wah pedal. It is ridiculously versatile with the kinds of tones you can get with it. It also gives you more control over your tone than just about any other wah pedal around.

ProCo Vintage Rat Reissue - $80
Though not the most well-known overdrive/distortion effect on the planet (probably because it doesn’t carry the Boss name with it), it is one of the most versatile and revered options around. From a mild overdrive to a crazy-distorted fuzz, it can do just about anything. More importantly, it does it well. It can even make a Fender Blues Jr. sound like a beast of an amp.

Realistically, I could probably get more money on eBay… but I’d rather just move these things to people here. I charge you whatever actual shipping charges are. Via USPS Parcel (or maybe USPS Priority Flat Rate), shipping probably won’t be much.

I also only deal in PayPal for transferring of funds. But I’m gonna guess most of you already have that.

Hit me with a PM with your interests.