WTS empty MAS case w/ old p360 $115 shipped (in the US)


Title says it all, it’s a mas case with blue sides and the white top. Has an old p360 in it. I’ve got 2 of em and I only need to keep 1, so I’m letting this one go. Has no pcb or buttons at all, and also doesn’t have the bottom board, which can be replaced at home depot for like 4 bucks.

It’s an older mas, and shows some signs of use, but the case is the nicer of the 2 that I have. None of the plastic covering on top is peeling or fraying yet, but you can see where the wrist rested on the right side.

Hit me up if you have any questions.

As far as trades go, I’m looking for an evo stick sack.


Bump with pics and price redux. Willing to let this go for $115 shipped in the US, or $75 shipped with a stick sack trade. Holla


Last bump. I’ll sell the p360 separately for $75 shipped obo. It’s not a wico, but it IS the good happ model without the grinding problem or the corner issues. This joystick has served me well.


would you be willing to sell just the case without the p360?