WTS: EmptyShiki's Custom Hardwood Joystick Cases and Completed Sticks


I can make any of these cases into Hitbox style cases, or can make them Hitbox convertible if you remove the Plexiglas, an example shall be made shortly

Check out my photobucket for examples of my work.
Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket a majority of my previous work may be viewed in my photo-bucket account

any cases that are sold no longer have a picture of them on this page.

Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

The art needs to be changed anyway so think of it as a blank case. since the Plexiglas is exposed i would prefer finishing it before sending it out, but either way works. Don’t know why this hasn’t sold yet especially at this price.
Zebrawood 80$

for this one the plexiglas panel needs to be screwed on and they have normal corner blocks instead of the splines that i now use. also the top panel can be removed on this case.

if you buy parts aswell you will get priority.

curly maple and leopardwood. $115 obo

bocote, $120 slightly smaller than the other cases. obo

Curly maple, $105 obo

prices not including shipping

All of these have a high gloss near hand rubbed finish, These use a reinforcing spline method with metal threaded inserts, rather than normal corner blocks making the cases stronger, giving them extra room for PCB’s for their size as well as completely eliminating the risk of stripping the threads.
the top panel is attached with glue, and as such cannot be removed normally.
Let me know if you are using screw in or snap in buttons so i can know if you need the appropriate screws and screw holes. **

Includes screw on rubber feet. Fit 3, 24 mm snap in buttons for start and select, they fit JLF joysticks only, SE mounting plates or JLF mounting plates both fit. All sticks Fit sanwa and seimitsu snap or screw ins for the top panel, and are in the astro city layout with extra space between the joystick and buttons for comfort and to prevent misimputs.

Zebrawood case due to its smaller size do not have a screw in the upper right corner attaching the mdf panel to the case, shouldn’t affect performance, aesthetics or structural integrity.
If you would like a completed case wired, with sanwa parts i can do that as well, tell me what you want i can make an estimate. **

Other things for sale
fate/stay night CD version in excellent condition for 45$

also sanwa buttons and joysticks for the same price as lizardlick.
RG pink and yellow buttons for 4$ each !!

pm or email me with any questions
I am reached best by email.


More pics?


beautiful stuff!

so is the only way to get a ps3 stick custom…through a cthulhu? I personally, after using a cthulhu, do not like/trust it. Are there any possibilities for a custom ps3 stick that uses more official or TE-like insides?

either way, good luck



the other 2 cases

and my battery died. ill get some more batteries and take more pictures later.

I think other methods are generally less reliable than cthulu.
maybe i could rip out the guts of my SE and put them in? thats all i can think of. maybe there is some new controller that can be hacked.


all the Wood Cases are Nice. Good Luck.


what are the demensions?


Damn! Those cases are beautiful! Good job! Good luck w/ the sales.


I love the little zebra and birdseye. I would snatch these up if i wasn’t buying 39438 other cases…indeed, goodluck!


thanks for the positive comments.

dimensions are the size of the front panel. add 1 1/2 inches to each dimension to get the full size including the wood

black dyed maple
10 1/8x 6 5/8
10 x 6 5/8

8 5/8 6 7/16
8 11/16 5 5/8

11 1/4 x 6 7/8

birdseye maple
10 9/16 x 6 7/8
add 2 inches for true size on this one.


nice cases!


I’m wondering whether I should buy that Black Red Dye Maple >_> So tempting…


These look awesome. Good luck with your sale man…these should go quick!


Empty’s wood work is nice. I can vouch for it.


Lowerd prices a bit, leopardwood stick is on hold.


With the Tekken 5 stick; if the PCB works then are the buttons just broken? Meaning I can just simply replace them and they’d be fine again?


Empty you get anyone about that black dyed red maple? Cause I’m interested.


Could you get a quote on shipping to UK (slow/cheap) for the zebrawood


Your message box is full!


These look amazing, wish I had money to buy them.


emptyshiki, sup fool i want the birdseye and have the loot if you want to meet in person!