WTS - eTokki adapters, Brawl Pad


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Xtokki 360 Adapter - $20
Only used to test functionality as the first one I received did not work. Around 15 minutes of play on it.

MadCatz WWE Brawl Pad for XBox 360 - $20
Used for 30 minutes or so. In perfect working condition. Still looks brand-new.


Brawl Pad is wired or wireless? If wired, me wantie.


In for InPin PS3 Adapter.


Oh yeah, the pad is wired for XBox 360.


Payment sent!


Inpin sold.


Bump. Price drop on 360 adapter.


what version is the etokki adaptor? Does it require a wired xbox 360 controller to be plugged in or is it the newer one that doesn’t require this?


It’s the new one that does not require another controller.


You still have the Xtokki?


Yes it is still available. Brawl pad still available also.


I want the xTokki, pm info and ill pm address. If you are in MN or western WI it would be a miracle and id come get it, running MK today.