WTS Everything in the thread bundle for only 260 shipped Really good deal 360 fighters inside


Hello SRK I am selling some games and the games are

Albert Odyssey (sega saturn) Ghen wars, and sega saturn console with wires and controller and game shark to play import games

In the hunt PS1

Watchmen Delux hard cover graphic novel was given to me by my school so it has stamp markings on the inside front cover
The adventures of Lomax ps1 rare

Legend of Mana JP ps1 import

medal of Honor ps1

Metal gear solid 1 ps1
Ghen wars saturn


all this plus what is in this video for only 260 shipped

Zelda Phantom hourglass - Song_of_Storms
Toodles MC Cthulhu PCB - Rictorxix

WTB- N64 Games Also SNES games other retro stuff

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changed to sale thread


added pics and trade list.


From my thread

-GOLDEN SUN - (label faded) - $14 shipped
-POCKY AND ROCKY -(label has a small tear in the upper right corner) - $8 shipped
-BREATH OF FIRE - $16 shipped
-SWORD OF MANA - $7 shipped
-CASTLEVANIA CLASSIC -** $10 shipped**


Hey I’m not really looking for those games
im looking for atlus rpgs mostly


small price drops


added wants


What carts are you looking for?


Im looking for any carts atm just offer. I am buying a mvs cab soon so I want to have games to play on it.


Zelda Phantom hourglass Sold to Song_of_Storms


for the vita im also open to doing trade/ cash exchange if you are interested


zelda shipped


added wants ect.


Prices have been dropped


added mc cthulhu pcb


PM sent




Mc cthulhu traded.


Price drops