WTS: Everything Must Go! (Old consoles & Games)


Please close this thread, sale has ended. Thanks.


I’ll take record of agarest war. Pm me your payment info.


prices include shipping?




Any idea what kind of games are on the ps2 hdd? I don’t need a full list, just an idea of what’s already on there. I’m pretty interested in it.


Mainly RPG’s and Fighting games. I’ll post pics of it soon.


PM’ed you my friend. I assumed the amerian guardian heros was also $20, if not I’ll take that! LOL


Im interested in a few items but I can’t start a conversation over Tapatalk. If you could start one that would be awesome.


pm sent about some of this stuff.


wow…serious gamer…


My fault fellas, I will be making some updates to this thread shortly, I couldn’t log in today since the early PM, smh #fuckthenewSRK




where are you located? how much do you think shipping would be to Toronto, Canada?




do you have kof98UM and kof2002UM on the ps2 HDD?


there is a huge list of games I want to buy off you but I won’t have money in my bank account until the 2nd.


No I do not sir.

Well keep me posted, that’s only a week away. Everything is going first come first serve of course. Just keep me posted, my contact information is in the first post, thanks.

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Can I get a pic of those Sega Saturn PS2 pads?


i’ll take ninja gaiden sigma 2 for ps3


Does the SE use a JLF or the stick it came with?