WTS: Evo Stick Sack


Mint condition.

Purchased on impulse, never really used at all.

Highest offer is $30 right now.



PM Sent !


shipping within USA only.

still available.


This can fit a TE, correct? If so then i’ll definitely take it. Can you give me a day or so to get the money?

And are you interested in any trades? Just curious.


pm sent


Im interested as well pm sent


enjoy the pm bidding war lol. good luck with the sale.


I’ll buy it if you haven’t sold it already, PM sent.


but i had dibs…:frowning:


will it fit an HRAP?


wow, didn’t realize this was such a hot item.

the highest offer i’ve gotten is $30 so far. if anyone wants to top that, then send me a PM.

and yes, this sack was designed to fit both the HRAP and TE sticks


There is no Bidding allowed.


Yeah, 'cause you had it at $24 shipped, and now it was jacked up to $30. :frowning:

Granted I’d have still needed a day, but it’s just the point. Oh well, I’ll look for one when I have the cash in hand.