WTS: Exar Wii Stick + Xbox 360 Fightpad Juri Case SOLD!

I took a pcb out of a 360 Juri fightpad, Everything is there except pcb and usb cable. So membranes buttons etc. Sold to Ejay

Pics up later


Exar wii Stick. Has great pcb for modding and is a decent stick. 30 Shipped will include Juri case for free if it hasnt sold. Sold To Ibeatu




Pics price drop 9 bucks lol

Price drop and new ITEM! Exar Wii stick


Yo Hak, does that stick work on Smash Bros.? I mean, does the actual stick work as the analog stick on a GC pad? I would like a stick that works like that for smash bros.

I’ll take the juri shell, do you take paypal payments?

EJ I replied.

Lefty I highly doubt it does, I’m pretty sure stick is mapped to d-pad. Mc Cthulu is probably your best bet. !

AS for the people who pm’d me for the EXAR, you all said you were interested but no one has replied but I sent you all my paypal. First person to pay gets it, I would hold it but no one asked. Thanks!

On hold for Ibeatu

Sorry for the late reply. Been busy lately so i have sent payment for the stick. Hope i get the case juri for free too.

^^^sorry I sent him the shell^^^
Money sent for the Juri shell.

^^^sorry I sent him the shell^^^ Money sent for the Juri shell.

I just got 4 payments. 2 refunded except for ejay and Ibeaty.

MeUs and elementalator sorry guys, I beatu asked me too hold it.

^^^Thank you.^^^