WTS: External hard drives, xbox 250gb, rapidfire controller & Byrd Knife

All prices include shipping.
I accept paypal and will ship usps.
the only trades im looking for are two blue sanwa 24 buttons, balltop and 8 clear seimitsu buttons.

Xbox 360 3 mode Rapidfire Controller - $45
will trade for 2 regular 360 controllers or a wii fightstick

New Byrd Robin Knife Partial Serration - $18

**Banned Xbox 360 (console only) **- $60 ****
xbox works great besides being banned.
has never had red rings and reads games perfect (does NOT play burnt games)
can throw in the cords and a 20gb hdd for $30 more.
would be willing to trade for an xbox with rrod or disc drive problems.

Xbox 360 games
all games are complete and have little or no scratches.

Soul Caliber IV - $10
SSFIV - $15
Halo Reach - $30

Xbox 360 Datel wireless N network adapter - $40

Xbox 360 chatpad - $15

Windows 7 Bag - $9
4 available

Price Drop on everything.
i also have 8 madcatz buttons for $10.
all prices include shipping.

paying you tomorrow for at least the hard drive, awesome price for the controller as well

Still have the Xbox HDD for sale? If so, I am interested.

sold to w00p

250gb hdd shipped.
also added a few things. i really wish i could edit the title…

added banned 360

Ill take Halo Reach if you still have it for sale.

pm’d for this