WTS: Fat PS2 $35 and shipping! Help me pay overdraft charge!

I have a fat PS2 to sell. I am trying to get $35+Shipping. I am getting ready to take off for vacation and overdrew my bank account so every bit of $ helps. It will come with a controller, modem, power, and av cords.


pm sent.

inpin sale pending

Good seller to deal with, I high encourage swerve! (free bump)

inpin is pretty much gone

dropped some prices!

bump for prices

could you post pics of the total control plus with the memory card port broken off? I’m curious why/how it’s broken off

sorry i do not have pictures.
it is broken just because the port fell off. i do not have the port anymore unfortunately.

one last try on the ps2

from 40 to 35.

pm sent.

i’d rather not ship internationally. sorry

still for sale

Here’s a tip
Call Customer Service and Talk with the manager to refund those charges
If you dont have any recent previous overdraft charges they will refund 1 or 2 for you depending on the bank

Look at your purchases and if there’s something you can return that’s a high cost item, do so. if it shows as a refund, you can call up your bank and say it was a mistake charge and see there’s also a refund of the same amount. that way you shouldn’t have overdrafted at all. most of the time they are sympathetic to this and will reverse more than just 2 overdrafts.

this is a hell of a deal, someone please buy it. Dont let good deals like these fad.