WTS/ Fat PS2 w/120 hard drive/network adapter and MC


Fat PS2 w/120 Gigs hard drive/network adapter and Memory card
includes AC and AV cables Plus Extras*
System works like new, no disc errors


bump, new low price.


Bump, now only $100.00 shipped


Last one, $90.00 shipped.


Ooo you sly dog you…

If its still up in a week I’ll PM you.


No worries, if this one sell, I have another one.


Your PM box is full.


PM box clean.


Payment sent.


Item received with problems.



PM’d replied, keep me updated.


Feedback score comment won’t do. This needs to be publicly displayed.

I received the PS2 with a problem. Counterhit was EXTREMELY considerate and patient in dealing with me, with excellent communication. I’m not going to get into details, but he has easily become my most respected seller I’ve dealt with.

Buy with absolute confidence.

PS2 is working 100% fine now, as described.

Thank you very much Counterhit. Amazing customer service.