WTS. Femme Fatale & Comic Con TE's For 360

Looking to sell/trade my Like new Femme Fatale FS. Ive replaced the standard buttons to the Sanwa RG heavy duty buttons. Will add the old school pink meshball for $25 more.

Asking for $250 shipped to CONUS. $25 extra for the old school pink meshball.
Or $200 (no meshball) picked up here in Seattle, Wa

Or trade for a new HRAP VX SA plus $100

Looks Nice! Gl with the sale.

Ooh, I wouldn’t think those color of buttons would work with that stick but it does.

I have to agree.

I’d trade straight across is the person picked up shipping for both sticks. Or $150 for the stick from eBay and actually shipping costs for the femme fatale.

Adding my like new X360 Comic Con Fightstick w/ Meshball and first 6 RG buttons(last 2 buttons are stock sanwa)

$250 shipped to CONUS. PP gift or add 3.7%

Pics Tomorrow same condition as the Femme Fatale stick above.

Are you in need of money? :sad:

You can’t ask customer to pay the PayPal Fees by the way.
Against PayPal TOS and also SRK Rules.
PayPal Gift only if the customer agrees.

yes, and Im kind of over collecting sticks…

Femme Fatale dropped to $225 shipped and pic of the Comic-Con (yellow mesh ball and $6 each Rg buttons. Last 2 are stock sanwa buttons.)

Want to add a VLX kitty for $35 shipped in the US.

As someone who doesn’t like TE’s, that COMIC-CON TE is beautiful! If that is still available in August (bonus) I will have to buy it. Is it wrong to want to multi-console it via kitty? I must also add that Sanwa RG’s are my favorite buttons. I have 2 mint VLX’s and a mint VSHG so I really don’t need another stick though. Good luck with the sales Masterfader!

Hey there and thanks. I hope it not here for that long, but for your case I do.

I’m dropping the price if the VLX kitty to $30 shipped in the US.

Anyone interested in a Never worn Triumvir Comic Com Shadaloo Hat in 7 3/8 for $55 shipped?


I am interested in the cap but i am not sure i could buy it till next week.

Were you going to Evo, I would so be tempted to take that comic-con TE from you =(

I talked to masturfader ealier.
He was going if I went.

He is not going.
But I’m going one day.

He can ship it to me and I bring it for you.
You are going but not bencao74. :sad:

Also, that hat was from me to him. :lovin:
I’ve only two more of those.

I am not going, but I would ship to james if you are into that? LMK…

If you are serious about getting it next week and it doest sell within 24 hrs of this post. I will hold it for you. Again, LMK…

James, your so kind. Thanks for everything.

it all depends on the amount of lessons i have next week. I teach music so if my lessons cancel i will not have the cash. I want the cap but it is situational to my work. That is why i said it would be about wednesday next week before i know.

Sorry to the Original poster but , I gotta shake this guys hand at EVO Jdm and Mr Poop put together Mai stick together!
Freebump :smiley:

$20 off each stick until Monday PST.

The hat will be here if anyone would like it. Thanks!