WTS Femme Fatale Stick


I have a Femme Fatale Stick that’s been sitting in the corner of my room for a year or so, so I am looking to clear it so that it might actually get appreciated. I am pretty content on using my Chun li one. I am from the UK. So any international offers will pretty much rely on if your willing to pay for the p&p. I probably will be listing on eBay later tonight or tomorrow. I’d like to invite offers via PMs. Thanks guys.

Looking for around £250 but I am open to haggling and offers. n_n
Shipping fees will be dependant on how fast you want your delivery up to $60/£40


Gotta post up a price, though.

Stick is a beauty, I hunted one down for my friend who really wanted one a couple years ago. Still a joy to play on when I go over there for games. :slight_smile:

Best of luck with the sale!


Hey, I’m not really sure what the usual price is for them since they are so rare that’s why I am inviting offers! xD
Yeah it’s a really nice stick, but I think that’s why I have never touched it, and im so used to my chun one!
It’s just withering away in the corner, it should be used atleast! plus I wouldn’t mind the extra money haha.

Thank you. :slight_smile:




yo still gotta post up a price


Is it mint? Do you have pictures to show it’s condition? If it’s truly never been played or used and it’s still in brand-new condition, you could get anywhere from $200-$250 for it imo. They’re a limited run and a collector’s item, you can’t buy them anymore.

And no problem! I used to do a lot of buying/selling/trading in these forums a couple years ago, unfortunately I’ve kinda fallen off from that due to lack of funds lol.


Haven’t received one mate.


Ok your majesty.


The stick has been used only a couple times, but it’s spotless otherwise. The box however is a torn on the corner that’s my only concern. However like you say it is a collector’s item, and for me i am no collector haha.


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Still haven’t got it mate, I have sent you one instead. Maybe it’s glitched or something. n_n;


ok cool


If the box has a bit of wear/tear on the corner than that’s the least of your worries. As long as the stick is spotless that’s what matters imo.

Again best of luck with the sale, hopefully somebody scoops that beauty up.


Thanks mate.