WTS: FFXI Accountx2

Not sure if theres any interest at alll in these, but I’ll throw them up here along with some other places since I’m done playing… PM if interested, Copy/Paste my listing below:

It’s a buy-1 get-1 free deal, as my friend and I have both quit and his character has been liquidated (other than rare/ex equipment.) Both accounts have all expansions and the second account is basically free, im only selling the first (Unless there is enough interest in the 2nd account seperately.)

Account#1: Mithra
Job Levels: 69SAM, 37NIN, 37WAR, 20THF, 53RNG, WHM15, RDM29, BLM17, BST8, PLD27, DRG3, DRK1, BRD1, MNK1

Fishing62, Woodworking65, Smithing1, Goldsmith26, Clothcraft1, Leathercraft1, Bonecraft7, Alchemy25, Cooking12

Weapon: Soboro Sukehiro(ra/ex)
Grip: Mithril Grip +1
Ranged: Lightning Bow+1
Head: Voyager Sallet(ra/ex)
Neck: Chivalrous Chain
Ear: Spike Earringx2
Body: Hauberegeon
Hands: Ochimusha Kote(ra/ex)
Ring: Woodsman Ringx2
Back: Amemet Mantle+1
Waist: Potent Belt
Legs: Myochin Haidate
Feet: Sarutobi Kyahan(ra/ex) / Savage Gaiters

Additional Gears:
Full Samurai AF
Complete set of Ranger Gear (Noct+1, etc)
Level 50 Set of gear for Capped Fights (Jujitsu Gi, etc)
Lu Shangs Fishing Rod
Ranger AF Weapon Complete
Bounding Boots
Anniversary Ring (10/10)
1,500,000+ Gil on hand.

Rank 7 Bastok
Rank 2 Windurst
ZM - ZM12: Mithra and the Crystal (Just need fight to Unlock Sky), DM fight next.
CoP - 5-1: Enduring Tumult of War
AUM - AU15: Black Coffin

There are 3 Mules with 10 Porcelain Pots for Gardening. There are craft items on the main account, Moghouse is expanded to 70 (Missing final expansion) and the Mog Locker is complete. A few assaults have been run but is still first rank in Assault and first rank of Sandy in Crystal War caompaigns.

Account is still Active.
Asking 350$

With this account, you get this one also:

Account#2: Tarutaru
Job Levels: 60THF, 53MNK, 30+WHM, 30+BLM, Subjobs Leveled appropriately.

The account has mostly been stripped beyond ra/ex gears:
Peacock Amulet
Ochimusha Kote
Bounding Boots
Empress Hairpin

Has multiple mules with a large amount of crafting gears, but no craft jobs are sufficiently leveled.

If there is interest in puchasing this account seperately, make an offer and/or at request I can get more details. It’s been cancelled already, so I would have to reactivate it.

Both accounts are available for Transfer.

I’d prefer PayPal as payment.

PM if interested - thanks!

You sir are one lucky SoB. Ive been trying to get the peacock amulet and the ochimusha kote for a minute lol. Some pretty good gear considering its not 75 good luck with the sale.

heheh yea, my friend and I both spent an INSANE amount of time on our gear, so it’s actually pretty top tier considering non-75’d yet. I may have to push for SAM75 just to sell it, cuz im not getting much interest ANYWHERE =(

and BUMP just in case :stuck_out_tongue: