WTS Fighting Edge (Xbox 360)


Up for grabs is a Stock Mint Fighting Edge for 360. It has roughly ~48hours of time use and barely over a month old (1month 3days to be exact). It still has 60 days left of warranty, so if anything wrong happens to it, youre still covered. Its been babied since i got it. I dont mash hard or jerk the stick (inb4 thats what she said :P) like a mad man. I keep it clean after i use it after session. Nothing is completely wrong with it, I just need to get rid of it to upgrade my computer. The warranty stick is still in tack and has not been tampered with in any way. I really only got it cause it looked cool, and because of the LED / Touch screen aesthetics, and just to show off. But i have no one to show off because i dont go to any tourneys lol.

It’ll come with the original box, and the things that came with it, the cloth, and the reciept if you want if anything happens to it. If you need help with the warranty, pm me and ill help you out. That of course if its still in the time frame of purchase.

[S]Price im looking for is $185 Local only. I might BUT not guaranteed ship it doesnt spark interest locally in the next couple of weeks. Sorry guys. My rice is firm like my foot nailed to the floor, so i dont plan on dropping the price anytime soon. If shipping is my last resort, ill update the post with shipped price.[/S]

Local: [S]$185[/S] [S]$180 [/S][S]$175 [/S] $170****
Ship: [S]$190[/S] [S]$185[/S] [S]$180[/S] $175

Someone take this baby away from me so i can get a budget stick from R2J. Just make sure you take care of it like i did <3 :smiley:

Pick-Ups only around Pasadena / Glendale / Eagle Rock area.


That’s some firm ass rice. And a nice ass stick. Good luck with the sale!


That is so tempting. Sucks to be broke. If i get this I would have to say bye-bye to my chun-TE. =[
GL with sale!!


You live close to me and I can’t even get it sucks having no money :c Well GL and if my bday is in nov so If I get money and you still have it I will pm you :smiley:


Updated with a trade.


Added shipping price


What’s R2J selling? I would’ve of bought if I didn’t buy one recently.


A stick he put aside for me :slight_smile:


Bump :frowning:


Price drop.




I might take this off your hands…can’t decide between this or a PS Vita…so free bump for you, great price, btw.


Please do! :smiley: I really need the cash atm lol


i’ll take it! can you email me though? i never check my account on here.



Email responded


Bump. I’ll even toss in Assassins Creed 2 for free lol


Bump. Last and final price drop.


People are probably looking at the title of this thread and seeing the typo (380 instead of 360), then mistakenly assuming that’s the amount you’re looking for.

Just a thought.


You might be quite right about that. But i dont think i can change the title anymore (tried editing the post). If a mod can change the title to xbox 360, that’d be great.