WTS: Fightstick Pro with Pexi $89 shipped, ketsui

Selling all my Japanese SE Cave games for 360. All are complete and mint first print versions. No DLC included. Prices are shipped to US48.

Ketsui - $45
Mushi HD - SOLD
Deathsmiles 2X - SOLD

Sorry for the high contrast/grainy pic from my phone. These are all MINT.

Fighstick Pro for 360 with BRAND NEW 6-button plexi from Tek Innovations (no art installed). Any markings you see are on the metal panel underneath the plexi. Everything is in excellent condition and the parts have about 6 months of very occasional use. Comes with full retail package.

Asking $89 shipped (FedEx Ground with tracking and insurance included)

SOLD Parts Bundle: (1) Clear Bubbletop, (6) White OBSF30s, (2) Dark Hai OBSF30s, (2) White OBSF24s, (2) Black Sanwa hole plugs. These are almost brand new with only a few weeks of occasional use. $18 shipped (USPS First Class)

Added parts

A lot of people have those kind of buttons…and at 25$, you probably won’t be able to sell them.

I would be interested in the 4 colored buttons, and the 2 white (for my neo geo cabinet) if you will break them up.

Not breaking them up, sorry.

Thanks! :slight_smile: i will sell my new set of white parts instead.

Stick added.

Price drops

can i have that stick?

Sent you a PM

Still available

Price drops

Fighstick pending payment from AVC, price drop on parts

parts sale pending. Cave games added.

Fightstick deal fell through. It now available.

Cave game bundle split

Price drop on stick

stick dropped to $100 shipped

i’ll take DDP DFK BL

DFK sold. Price on stick reduced to 95 shipped