WTS: Fightsticks, Buttons, Etc. (AXISdapter, Wooden Bat Top, Sanwa OBSF-30, Hori Kuro)


Haven’t sold much on SRK yet, but I’ve purchased plenty from here and have sold on other sites without incident.

All prices include shipping (ground shipping for sticks). US Only, No PO Boxes.
I will entertain trades, but you must send your item first.

• Mad Catz Tekken Hybrid Stick (PS3 / PC) - $260

  • New, Never Used
  • Black OBSF-30s
  • Sanwa JLF
  • Limited Edition, Numbered

RAZER Panthera Fight Stick - $190

  • New, Never Used
  • Black OBSF-30s
  • Sanwa JLF

AXISdapter - $40 OBO

  • New, Never Used, in original package
  • Board requires assembly via soldering.
  • Combines with Official Sony SIXAXIS for a wireless PS3 fightstick

• SANWA DENSHI Wooden Bat Top - Burma Padouk (from EVO 2015) - Used, Good Condition, $40

• 8 x 30mm SANWA Vermillion Red OBSF-30 w/ matching balltop - Brand New! - $26

• 8 x 30mm Purple Translucent w/ Purple Bubble balltop - Used, Very Good condition - $30

Transaction History
Qanba Q1 (PS3/PC) - $65
Qanba Drone (PS4/PS3) - $65
8 x 30mm Hori Kuro Buttons (360 Set - 4 White, 1 each of Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) - Used, Working - $23 Sold to @Chikalin


What size are the white and black Hori Kuro buttons? Do you have any pictures of them?


They’re all 30mm.

Black ones were pulled from HRAP
White ones were pulled from Fighting Edge
Multicolor set was pulled from Fighting Edge

I can add pictures when I get home.


Messaged about the Qanba.



Qanba Q1 has been sold and shipped.
AXISdapter added



S’been a long time-- should’na left you…


sent a pm


Pm sent


Tonto-- bump on it


Is the translucent purple set still available?


Yep, sure is.


Sent a pm :slightly_smiling_face: