WTS: Fightsticks, Buttons, PCB, Manga, Games, Cans, Figures/Kidrobot, Ect


All prices include shipping unless noted. Shipped First class w/ tracking unless item is over 13oz. Any questions please feel free to ask! Sorry for horrid picture quality. Feel free to ask questions here, P.M me, and on my wall. If you post on my wall I will most likely P.M you my reply though :]
Prefer to ship to lower states only.

Extra Noting:
I’ve recently noticed that the Japanese market by me has started importing more candy, pvc figures, and art books. If anyone would be interested in those I wouldn’t mind picking them up. So far I’ve seen SOA pvc, anime artbooks/scans, K-on petite pvc, bakemonogatari petite pvc, calanders, cards, ect. Also, they sell manga in kanji if anyone is interested in that.

**Madcatz Pro Metal Back Panel!!!
HD PVR Gaming Edition $60 (This is the one with use of the COMPONENTS ONLY/NO HDMI)

  • Excellent Condition except original box has some scuffs if that matters
  • Includes everything that originally was packed with it including the box
    I’ll add pics if requested

Fightstick/FightStick Parts:
Xbox PCB (Taken from a TE R1) - $15

All except one button are in great condition. One of the Red/White pushbuttons have leftover solder and has a bit difficulty getting on a QC. - $12

Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick Pro LINE for Xbox 360 $60 Shipped (I’m also willing to separate the parts)
Friend picked this up for me over from Craigslist. Seller failed to include that the back panel seems to have water(?)/bent damage and it still smells like cigarettes (I’m working on decreasing the smell). For some reason my friend didn’t even bother to inspect it, but eh.
Other than the above, the stick still works in excellent condition. Only addition to the inside was the replacement of an 8-way gate. Also, one of the smaller screws are missing from the back.

Comes with the stick, box, mic line, and manuals


Hori Real Arcade Pro V3-SA (PS3) $70 Shipped - No Original Box
Stick has been roughly used for about 50 hours. Face artwork is starting to tear away.

Tales of Xillia 2 PS3 (Asia Version w/ DLC) - $10
Bayonetta (UK Version) PS3 - $12

Anime/Manga Goodies:
Misaka Floppy
4 Promo Cards
2 Sets of Japanese Super Mario 3d Land Cards

K-On Goodies:
Mio Dog Tag
Yui Steel Tag
2 Stickers

Battle Royal Ultimate Edition - $18 Each
**Volume 2
**Volume 3 (Unopened)

Collectible Cans: Prices vary because of import/out of print
Final Fantasy XIII Elixirs (Released in 2009/Out of Print)
**Sazh (Unopened)
**Vanille (Unopened)
Each $15

Also have an opened/empty can form the FFXIII Trading box art if you’re interested. Will include box but no mini figure. $10

Drangon Ball Z Dydo Drinks (2012 Series) - $13 Each Unopened

Dragom ball Z Dydo (2013 Series/Diet/$10) and Sonic Boom (Unopened/$8)

Figures/Vinyl Figures:
SDCC 2013Kidrobot x Streetfighter [UNOPENED] - $30
http://i.minus.com/jMgcrIOD2wcAy.JPG (I have two of them, but used my own to show how it would look like)

Kidrobot x Streetfighter BAIT EXLCUSIVE White Akuma (Unopened) - $37
Kidrobot x Streetfighter NYCC Gold Ryu (Unopened) - $32

Kingdom Hearts II Formation Arts Volume 2 $30 EACH (Discontinued Item/Goes on ebay for $40+).
- Roxas
-Twilight Thorn
Blind boxes are open to identify the figures, bu they are still in their wrap and will come with the blind boxes.

Extras: Final Fantasy XIII Lighting Xbox360 FaceCover - $6

Successful Transactions:
Slaycruz for selling me his PS360+
Pnoy Pryde for buying my TE R1 360 PCB


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Roxas figure gone and PS360+ found.


Added new want, pushbuttons, xbox pcb, and more kidrobot x street fighter vinyls!


Price drops on TE1 PCB and Xillia. Stick still on hold, but feel free to PM me if interested.


pics added for stick, price drop, and not on hold anymore. added an hd pvr. everything obo


Added a SFxT stick and some items gone


TE1 PCB Sold! If anyone is interested in the SFxT stick, I can try to get it fixed up if there is an interest from someone.


bump. price drop on SFxT stick


another price drop on both sticks and xillia 2! In need for money for Christmas.


HRAP gone


another price drop on 360 stick


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