WTS: Fightsticks | Mad Catz TE2 (Good Condition) | Mad Catz TE2+ Dual Mod (Semi working/parts)


Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ Dual Mod (AS IS) $130+shipping
Mod was done by a user here by the name NSDOTHACK (deleted) I did provide picture of the wiring and such but I was too excited of the fact that it was dual modded to Xbox. Over time, the pro cable frayed and wires got loose. I don’t want to spend anymore time on the stick to make it work 100%! I can confirm it working as you can see in the pictures below. However, the PDP MK pad needs rewiring for it to work on xbox. Other than that, it does work on PS4 fine, just needs a new pro cable.

Shoot me offers as well!
Paypal please.
Shipping from 95112. ( We can work on shipping deets as well to make it as cheap as possible.)
Unless you are 95112 zip or Bay Area Cali. We can work on a meet up.

Added AverMedia USB HD DVR.

Might add in my Elgato Capture card as well in the future.

Great seller! Buy from this dude!

pictures added for Hori FE PS3, and price drops :slight_smile:

Hori FE PS3 $185->$175 shipped
AverMedia USB HD DVR $85->$80 shipped

Fixed picture links. I’m surprised no one commented on broken links for the past few days… :confused: but they are now working.

Updated OG post.

Hori FE PS3 down to $165 shipped from 7/29 - 7/31 1pm (PST) . If no buy, it will possibly be posted on eBay after that.

now listing my Hori FE PS3 on eBay. Thanks for looking at my thread guys!

I hope within forum rules when posting eBay links, if not, Let me know!!

Hori FE PS3 sold and AverMedia price drop

PSN Card Sold.
AverMedia price drop $70-> $65

@Enoy PM’d you about the AverMedia USB HD DVR.

3 fightsticks added for Sale!!!

TTT2 TES+ sale pending, if user doesn’t reply until Friday, it will be up for sale!

TTT2 TES+ SOLD - OP updated

TE Round 2 Sale Pending

TE Round 2 Sold Locally, OP Update
Prices updated
Hori dropped -$5

Prices Updated

Hori RAP VX SA KAI dropped -$5

OP update

Hori RAP VX-SA KAI sold locally.


Added 3DS XL
& Pokemon Y

UPDATED Hit me up for offers!