WTS: Figures, some games(360 RED DEAD REDEMPTION), and wireless adaptor(PC)

Paypal preferred. I don’t have time during most of the week to ship stuff except tuesdays, so it may take a while before I can actaully ship it depending on when you ask about it.

Shipping outside of the 48 continental states will obviously cost more.

Figures, never opened:

Archer from Fate stay/night, Enterbrain’s ver.
$60 shipped

Nero from Devil May Cry 4
$65 shipped

Tabitha from Zero no Tsukaima
$40 shipped

Tetsujin 28(Gigantor) Revoltech
$25 shipped

Black Ox Revoltech
$25 shipped

OR, buy Both Tetsujin 28 and Black Ox for $45 shipped

Figures, opened:
I keep all my figures very clean, so even though the boxes have been opened, the condition of the figures is still excellent.

Merino by Yamato
$55 shipped

Games(all used):

360 Red Dead Redemption
Only played around 10 hours. Game, manual, and case are all in perfect condition.
$45 shipped

GCN Ikaruga
In great condition, case is of course old so it doesn’t look pristine, but it’s still in good shape.
$25 shipped

PS2 Devil May Cry 3
CD has slight smudging, plays perfectly fine. Case in generally good shape. This is the non-greatest hits version.
$8 shipped

Other stuff:

Belkin Wireless G universal Range Extender
Used for a short while only, still have everything including box.
$40 shipped

I’ll think about the Tsuruya figure otherwise good luck!

Are the two katamari’s complete? And do you take paypal?

Yes, complete with case and instruction booklets, and yes.

If you are willing to wait until monday morning so I can drop some cash in the bank to use through my paypal, send me your pp info and I’ll take the Katamari’s

You got it.

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GC is gonna buy dat 360 wireless adapter.

Added RDR