WTS: Final Fantasy VII Black Label $55, Nikes,PSP System

Both metal gear solid cases sold, price drop on FF VII.


Added psp system

Price drop on sneakers and psp bundle.

Added N64 system and games, price drop again on FFVII.

All prices lowered, need to sell this stuff.

N64 price drop gears of war and Rainbow six price drop, psp bundle price drop.

how much for the FFXI guide alone?

The FF IX guide you mean? I’ve only seen a few on ebay, but they are mostly mint and usually $40. The condition of this one isnt great but all the pages inside are fine and everything is legible so does $15 shipped sound good?

How much would you be willing to let go of FFV for alone if at all possible?



if you will part, i’ll take the gba ff6 for 15 shipped

PM sent