WTS: FINAL PRICE DROPS! Hori EX2, Tekken 5 Sanwa Mod, Sanwa misc parts

Decided to put everything in one thread since it was becoming a hassle to check them individually.

modded with All Sanwa parts, custom artwork, and hrap2 (seimitsu 1p) layout and square gate, octo gate is $5 extra. Is in 100% working order and tested on ps2 and pc with adapter. Virtually an hrap2.

Times are tough and I need money more than I need an extra stick. :sad:

$105 shipped or best offer in the US. Pm or post if you have any questions.


For trades I’m looking for a mint psp slim or 3000 or an mp3 player such as an ipod touch and 360 games or accessories. I can add some cash to the ipod trade depending on the version and condition.

Forgot to put this one on as well.
Asking $75 shipped or best offer. All sanwa, everything works including the mic port.


2-Sanwa Square gates - $5 shipped each

2xred balltops, one new and one used

$4 shipped for all balltops or free with the purchase of a stick.

Don’t hesitate to send me an offer, the worst I can do is decline right. :sweat:


pm’d replied and T5 template is on hold till sunday.

360 or ps3 for that Codmw2? Pic doesnt work.

  1. Fixed the link.

price drops on parts

last drop on MW2 for a while.

Would you be willing to sell just the HRAP2 panel?

Not at this time, sorry.

added joystick.

Pm’ed for the switch assembly


4 yellow 24mm and last pcb switch sold!

price drops

T5 top panel is sold!

Sorry! I pmed you about what happened. I can’t wait to post pics up. When you see them, you will understand. GJ on the sales buddy.

Haven’t received any recent pms unless you’re meaning the old ones. The other user has been very patient and I just didn’t want to keep having him wait thinking I was stringing him along or something, sorry. :sweat: I wasn’t in any hurry to sell it so if you were the only one interested I could’ve waited longer you know.

But yea, let me know if there’s anything else you’d be interested in. I still have the buttons and the other stuff on here. I can give you a local discount if we happen to meet up. :bgrin:


mw2 is sold.