WTS: Finished 6 Button HAPP case - American Layout


Hi everyone, have had this case for quite awhile and it’s never been used.

It’s a walnut case that can fit HAPP buttons and a neutrik in the FRONT (I messed it up, was supposed to be in the back).

Willing to let it go for $60 shipped for just the case and the neutrik, or $75 shipped for the case, neutrik, 9 HAPP buttons, and HAPP competition joystick.





this come with a PCB?


Ship to Sweden?




Why not just flip the top panel 180 degrees?
edit: nevermind. I see the joystick would hit the side happ buttons.


I’m interested, whats the dimension of the case??


i actually pm’d him when he first posted this. He responded that he had a relative that wanted it and will pm me if he was still selling it.


Do u still have this ???