WTS: Finkle PS2 HAPP Arcade Stick

As much as I hate to part with this stick. I don’t ever play Marvel anymore, and my TE sticks are sufficient for playing SF IV. The case is in pretty good shape I think.

The stick is a Happ competition stick and has competition buttons. Stick can be a little stiff at times and sometime LP doesn’t always respond if you press it really quick, so it might need the wiring checked. I can’t imagine anyone would have trouble changing the artwork out.

This stick works with PS3 Pelican adapters, and Innovation Dreamcast adapters. I have not tested it with any other adapters.

Since it’s used and the controls might need a little tuning up I’ll start the price at $100 shipped OBO.

Edit: Price lowered to $90 shipped OBO.

Any more pics of the body? Any scratches/dents?

Willing to sell to '09s this time around? hahaha

I’ll take some more pics when I get home from class. And, I’ve never had a problem selling to an 09’er. I just didn’t want to give anything away for free to an 09’er. :stuck_out_tongue: As far as I know, there’s no dents or scratches.

thats a finkle? i thought he only mad jap sticks and out of metal…

i will wait for some better pics to decide if im interested.

hahaha all good, was just messing, that thread was a fun read

i’d call dibs but i’ll wait for the pics :3

so the stick is kinda broken right or not "smooth"
so basically we gota spend more money on that and also the button?
kinda expensive for happ parts but if u can do 70 ill pick it up

ops double posted

he does happ upon request. and yeah i have a happ stick from finkle too. =D

It’s a genuine finkle. He focuses mostly on Jap sticks, but he can be convinced to make Happ style ones. :slight_smile:

Here’s some more pics. I can only take pictures with my iPhone and I’m sorry for the shitty quality.

So for some reason the stick feels a little sticky in the Down-Forward position. But then once you start playing it feels perfectly fine. I was doing 360’s and 720’s with Gief on SF IV with no problems. As far as LP is concerned: I used the input display in SF IV and is seems like it’s registering about 90% of the LP’s I input if I’m just spamming the button. And sometimes if I hit all 3 punches, it’ll do a lariat and display an extra LP in the next input. So I’m guessing it’s some kind of minor wiring issue with the PCB. I’m not 100% sure because finkle used these weird screws that require some kind of square screwdriver and I can’t open it to check out the guts. If you have any more questions post here, or PM me.

There’s some little blemishes and such in the wood from normal wear and tear. But generally I feel like the case is still in pretty good shape.

are you talking about the alexander screws? the one with the square besides a cross?

Someone buy this so he can get a decent camera

well i msged but he ain’t replying me

If you dont sell the stick, how much do you want for just the case?

I’m curious to know what the japanese characters say. Do you know?

Supposedly my name “Bryan” in Kanji. Atleast that’s what I found on the internet, lol.

Sale is pending.

Still available, lowered to $90 shipped.