WTS - Finkle stick with Sanwa Buttons and optical joystick

I’ve had this stick for a couple of years but it hasn’t been used in a while. I need money for a new graphics card and figured someone might want this stick. The stick body was made by Finkle so it’s all metal. It could actually use a paint job as it has a few small scratches. The top is covered with artwork I did myself and plexi. The bottom is brushed metal. The buttons are all Sanwa. The best part is the stick. I used an ascii optical stick for the dreamcast and got so used to it. It has a slightly smaller throw than a JLF and sticks with switches get on my nerves. I bought a 2nd acii stick to rip the joystick out of and put it in this stick. Basically its a Sanwa Flash. The stick works fine but you may want to change out the spring as its a bit mushy, but that’s how I like my stick or you spend 2 minutes with a drill or router and put the ascii optical PCB on a JLF stick… the PCB is almost identical to the FLASH1. I’ll leave that to whoever picks this up. Oh yeah, this is a PS2 stick but I’m throwing in a pelican converter so you can use it on your PS3.

I want 200.00 shipped FIRM for this stick. I know how hard it is to get ahold of optical sticks and Finkle is MIA… so heres your chance to get something kind of rare. Pics below. PM me if you have any questions.

JESUS a Finkle stick! I’m surprised to see one being sold here on SRK for such a great price! Granted, it needs some paint work, but holy god, this is a great thing! Good luck on the sale, Level 3! :tup:

should post inside pics

Finkle sticks are amazing, have one myself. Curved top is soooo comfortable.


payment sent!