WTS: Fixer-Upper Dual-Modded Virtua Stick High Grade (360/PS3)

I’m selling a dual-modded (Xbox 360/PS3, note the switch and the 360 headset jack on the side of the stick) Virtua Stick High Grade (w/octo gate) that needs fixing for $140 shipped. Please read the description below BEFORE you make a PM bid.

The issue was this wire came off.

I don’t have the soldering skills or the time to properly reconnect the cable and test if the arcade stick works (moving to Singapore in a few weeks). The dual-mod was done by 001 of the VFDC forums (don’t know his SRK handle) back in 2007. The 360 PCB used was from a Gamestop rebranded Mad Catz MicroCon controller. The Sanwa stick has an octogonal gate.

I also tried to replace the Sanwa arcade stick and buttons with Seimitsu parts, but put everything back because a Seimitsu arcade stick would not fit in the VSHG. I mention this because even if you fix the arcade stick and a button doesn’t work, it may be because I may have been careless with reattaching a quick disconnect to a Sanwa button.

If you’re good with electronics and wiring, and are confident that you can fix the arcade stick (or if you want to gut what’s there), the VSHG can be yours for $140 shipped. Again, I must stress this: the VSHG does not work as is. If you are aware of this and feel that you can fix the arcade stick, then make your PM bid.

Shipping to continental US only via USPS with Delivery Confirmation. Paypal only.