WTS: Flawless KI 1 PCB w/ Flashdisc and an extra!

Hello all, this is only going to be a 3 days sale. At the end if nobody buys it is going on ebay. sale over Sept 10th at around 4:00.

  • paypal only -
  • u.s. only -
  • price includes shipping -

My personal favorite arcade fighting game of all time.

comes with:

-100% working KI pcb (1.5d boot rom)

-Flash Disc, so that you never have to worry about the original HDD going bad.

-Original HDD. It says 100% working on the HDD, but can’t guarntee this will arive working.

  • The March 1995 issue of GamePro magazine - Inside is a full feature on the arcade versions of KI, and it has every characters movelist, as well as little tips and tricks, such as: the directions and buttons for picking each stage, how to pick different music, how to recover when in danger mode, and stuff like that.




  • $250 shipped

I do check PM’s 1st.