Wts: Foe hammer custom cases and joysticks!


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We added the new prices on the site, so you can roughly calculate how much a stick would be.

Custom Unwired Cases

-Painted or Wood Finish
-Acrylic top & bottom panels
-Any button layout
-Start, Select & Home buttons to any side
-Sanwa, or Seimitsu mounting (contact if you want a happs stick)
-USB Terminal (contact us if you plan to use a neutrik rj45)l
-Screw in rubber feet

Totals -
$90 Matte Any Color

$120 Glossy Any 1 Color plus $10 for any additional colors

$5 for any pinstriping

$140 for standard woods i.e. oak, cherry, maple, sapele

$170 for exotic woods i.e. tiger wood, paduk, purple heart
Custom Wired Joysticks

-Painted or Wood Finish
-Acrylic top & bottom panels
-Any button layout
-Start, Select & Home buttons to any side
-Sanwa, Seimitsu, or Happs Sticks
-Sanwa, Seimitsu, or Happs Buttons
-USB Terminal or RJ45 (contact us for which one you plan to use)
-Wired for 1 or more systems
-Cat5 Console cables
-screw in rubber feet

Totals -
Painted Cases

$280 1 system 1 Color
$330 Dual Mod ps3/360 1 Color
$360 RJ45 MC Cthulu ps3/plus misc systems 1 Color plus $10 per cable
$380 RJ45 MC Cthulu ps3/360/misc systems ie. ps2, game cube, super nintendo 1 color plus $10 per cable.
Wood Finish Cases

Standard Woods i.e. oak,cherry, wormy maple, sapele
$300 1 system
$350 Dual Mod 360/ps3
$380 RJ45 MC Cthulu ps3/plus misc systems

Exotic Woods i.e tiger wood, paduk, purple heart
$330 1 system
$380 Dual Mod 360/ps3
$400 RJ45 MC Cthulu ps3/plus misc systems
Misc Prices

$10 ? Each color added on to painted cases
$10 ? Each cable made for a rj45 stick (USB CABLE IS FREE)
$10 ? For a 5? x 5? Custom laser engraving in the wood or plexi $5 for every inch added on to the engraving
$5 ? Each pin stripe added on to a case



Wormy maple blank case
12 1/2" x 9" x 2 1/2"


Matte Black case
12 3/4" x 9" x 2 3/4"


African Sapele wood, rich dark finish
13" x 9" x 2 1/2"


African Sapele wood with a white inlay, i call it the pepe le pew
12 3/4" x 9" x 2 1/2"


We can and will do custom wood or plexi etch for additional fee, contact us with your design and size to get a quote but generally wood etching is about 25 dollars, while plexi etching is 10-15 dollars.

Here are some of our custom completed joysticks


Beautiful cases. GL on your sale :slight_smile:

thanks :smiley:

Nice work!!! I’m interested, but the international shipping scares me atm. Good luck

Why are you afraid of international shipping

cases look great. do you have any pictures of the bottom/inside? also, what kind of sticks will we be able to mount in these?

And what r da demensions

Pictures of past wiring services? wood etch looks very nice.

Do you guys do custom artwork, because that Terry Bogart and Dudley art work on your website is sick.

Do these cases fit Happ sticks? I wanna make a Happenese stick was wondering if a happ comp stick will fit.

Hey guys thanks for the interest, gimme a couple days and ill get those pictures for you. I have to go our ceo and wood worker extraordinare to get the pics for those. As for the dimensions, I have those in my notebook, as soon as I get home (I’m on my phone)I’ll have those numbers for you. For the questions on the happs parts I’m not sure yet, but we are working on a happs box, if anything the price might be a few bucks more but we’ll try to keep it the same.

Sent you an email.

replied back with what i could at the time etownnipples

sorry about the delay guys, i came home and fell right asleep. i threw up the measurements of the cases we have up right now. I’ll be taking pictures of the insides hopefully today but i can’t guarantee anything.

In terms of the boxes, do you have any without any of the neutrik holes? I may be interested in these cases but I do not plan on using those holes and would rather have a cut in the box for outer wiring.

We can do a box like that no problem, did you not want a hole drilled at all or did you just want a different type of hole

Oh it’s just that I didn’t want any kind of hole like that since I would be running cords through the case itself and I just need a slit for the cord rather than a hole for the neutrik port. I was just checking to make sure but I will let you know if I will order the case.

oh ok thats no problem let us know the price would still be the same for that.

Yeah i did the art on all the sticks that’s my specialty, to try and help take heat off of True Tech i do the art work. We sell individual art if your interested.

I only have a few pictures of our chief technical officer’s wiring, we’re trying to find a steady supply of 360 pcbs once we get that up and going we’ll have more pics for you to judge, but this is his personal tri mode. it works on ps1/2/3, and 360. Once we transplant that into his foe hammer stick we’ll get a new picture for everyone.