WTS: Folklore, Hulk Vs Wolverine and Thor Blue Ray!

Hulk Vs Wolverine and Thor Blue ray Disk, good condition, $20 shipped OBO.

Ps3, Folklore, Used Good Condition, $33 shipped OBO.

if you got any question please feel free to PM me,

Ninja Edit:
Paypal only, and i will only ship to the lower 48 states.


is it used?

yes, it is.

bump price reduced

bump stuff added.

im interested in the power brick if you can take a picture

Power brick sold. HDD 20gb still available.

How much for just the HDD,VERY VERY interested!

the HDD is $40 shipped. thanks.

not to be a spelling nazi, but i believe the title is “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune”

What is good condition, are there scratches on the Uncharted disc?

Sorry, edited your post to correct the spelling of Uncharted.

Oh @#%@ Valaris is a mod now O_o, Congrats dude!

thanks Adolf, seriously tho, thanks i didnt check that.

the game is in mint condition, the CD doesnt have any scratches, and it comes with booklet in mint condition too, and the case had a little sticker in the bottom right corner that i removed, but you can still see that a sticker was there.

thanks bro, and congrats for your Mod promotion, now go out there and give infractions left and right, :rofl::rofl:

I’d be interested in the blu ray for 10 bucks. I think it’s only 16 on Amazon.

Alright, put me down for Uncharted. PM me your paypal!

and how much is $16+ priority mail shipping?

the price says shipped, so that includes priority mail shipping with tracking # and everything.

Well that’s for a new blu ray, too. You said “OBO” in your post so I was just making an offer, didn’t mean to offend.

Uncharted Sold.

HDD 20gb Sold.