WTS : FREE Battlefield BC 2 Pre-Order Codes PS3

all gone!
You get the early access to the squad rush mode, and the AKS-74U Assault Rifle.
Just pm me, first come, first serve basis.
Just leave me a positive review on the feedback score!

If you can get your hands on a 360 code, please let me know :slight_smile: and pm me :D!. And thanks alot

Ditto on the needing a 360 one.

I want a 360 code if you can manage to get it!

I would like a 360 code if possible. If not, I’ll take a PS3 code. Thanksabunch!



I Have 3 left for ps3
i will try to get those 360 ones tonight guys.

I would like a 360 one too, please.

I’ll take a PS3 one. PM’d

Alright, all my ps3 codes are out. So whoever didn’t get a pm, there won’t be any more until further notice. I’ll try to get more codes today.

Awww man.

PM sent to SRK awaKening16, Lefty and Telru for the 360 codes, and Cue16 for ps3.
I have 2 left for ps3. let me know if i missed anyone.


I wanted a 360 code too :frowning:

EDIT: Durr, I can’t read. Stupid me.