WTS: Free Joo DVD - Congrats to Raven for winning!

So I have a DVD left that I’m giving away
The DVD looks like this: http://magnetro.com/case_dvd.jpg

EDIT: over, congrats. thanks for playing

ill get it started

i’ll be coming back for more

i’m already seeding the torrent. good stuff man.

great stuff

bumpity x 20

Me me me


LOL. Everyone is turtling right now.

can i just post here 20 more times? lol

yo what he said

more bitches

Hey did anyone win yet. Buuump.


wonder who gets this :slight_smile:

Good luck to #25!

one step closer

Haha, I love how everyone’s playing post-footsies. I do admit that I kinda want this DVD since I’ve been curious about the Marvel engine for a while. It’d be damn cool to see the commentaries and the combo explanations! :bgrin:

Move it up, move it up!

lol @ post footies comment