WTS/FS: Mini Mas PS2 P360 Joystick SOLD


Are there convex or concave buttons on it? I really can’t tell from the pics.

convex or competition jap style.

How old is the stick? Because you can get a brand new one from MAS for nearly the same price.

It was bought maybe 4-5 months ago, but it is in good condition.
Again, you’re welcome to make offers as I said if you’re really interested. If not, just don’t post please.

And no you can’t get it from MAS at the same price unless you live in southern california and go pick it up.

Eh, still quite a high price for a used Mas. I think about 80- 90 instead of tryin to out do the retail value. Just a suggestion :sweat:

Thank you, it’s in very good condition. If I didn’t pay 45 dollars extra for a perfect 360 stick instead of an ultimate or competition stick, I could definitely give a lower price.

Yeah I paid $100.00 + ship, with the competition stick, definitely this is a reasonable price.

Ah well that make sense, for got about the raised price when you get a p360. lol I dont much care for p360, if it was a comp. I probably consider it…with a lower price.

bump update check first post.

Argh fuck SRK is trying to break me, jesus as if I dont have enough sticks…

I’ll probably be buying in like 10 minutes:bluu:

Trades? To knock down the price?

Sold To N-Ken
Delete thread please mod.

con grats…finally sold. Just hope I dont see N-Ken with it at the next C3.:rofl: