WTS/FS: PSX1/PSXDS1 Controllers/PCB

I have 3 Dualshocks for sale and 3 non Dualshocks for sale. (PSXDS1 and PSX1 Respectively.) The PSX1’s will go for 10 USD, which include shipping, and the PSXDS1’s will go for 15 USD including shipping. However, of the 3 I have one with messed up wires, messed up as in it’s all coiled up and mangled and stuff. I will sell that for the same price as a PSX1. I am telling you ahead of time that it’s work, but the wiring is pretty mangled, it’s not damaged or anything, but I can’t really describe it. But I’m pretty sure everyone in here knows what I’m talking about. If I get the chance I’ll post some pictures of it if I can get a Digital Camera.

I also have an offer for anyone who buys either all 3 PSXDS1’s that are coming in or all 3 PSX1’s, that person will get a PS2 Dualshock controller included for free it’s also used, but in great condition. Or you can buy the PS2 dualshock by itself for 18 bucks, shipping included.
Last offer is for anyone who decides to get all 3 PSXDS1’s and PSX1’s, you will get the Ps2 Dualshock for free AND an Original Playstation one with wires/cables for free too. If you want it by itself or some reason, it’s yours for 20 bucks. You can mod it or turn it into a stick or something, I’ve seen guys using the original fat ps2 as Joystick boxes too. Hurry up and buy/receive them before Christmas so they don’t get buried in the mail. You can then get a stick in for any tourneys you might be entering during christmas, or stick makers can get some sticks in before Christmas time too.

Edit:Sold PSX and raised DS1 prices due to rape on shipping. If you want I can combine.
PSX1 - 15$
PSXDS1 (Mangled) - 15$
PSXDS1 (Good Condition) -20$
PS2DS2 (Good Condition) - 20$

How much?

10 for PSX1 and 15 for PSXDS1.

Do u know what series are the PSXDS1.

How do you check to see what the series are again? I can’t find the thread.

You have to look on the back and read the fine print like this:

(This is a “series H” digital as noted next to the “Sony Entertainment Inc”)

That price includes shipping?

which on is the easy hack? A? I have an A that i use for games… but i’ll keep it aside if it’s the one i can do a solderless hack with.

i might take one of those pads off of you though… i could always use a second.

Yes, it does include shipping, so the price is 10-15 for everything altogether.

Well, it seems as if the A IS the one that you can do the solderless hack on, even though I hear it’s more work. But I’m still not sure which series is the easier one to solder.

I’m interested in a PSX1, very much. =)

the solderless hack is just getting the diagram for which button goes where, then slipping a wire into it.

Alright, I think the 2 DS1’s I have right now are going to “uglyboi” but I am getting more DS1’s so stay tuned.

Im getting 3 more dualshocks if anyone is interested in those.

I got more Dualshocks, check the first post for updated details.

Bump, had to raise prices a little bit due to shipping.