WTS - Full Kuroda DVD sets & RARE Kuroda Urien DVD!

still available :smiley:

I’m interested in a set. I’ll send you a message.

p emmmedd…

for the nigga who has the urien dvd. load that shit up on youtube my nigga. its years later from kurodas threats of quiting 3s if his dvd’s leaked. fuck that stanky nigga. lets enjoy

Apparently you can find it if you can read Japanese & look somewhere deep in the archives of the web…or you can buy it off me :smiley:

Still DVD’s available guys :smiley:

Still DVD’s available guys :slight_smile:

Still a good few left!. :smiley:

Still available :slight_smile:

Still available guys :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m thinking about buying the whole set, but it costs around 385 bucks in my country and with shipping fees it will be over 400 bucks.

I have a few questions though:

  1. Is this the final set, or is Chun and Yang coming later?
  2. Is it just a compilation of the matches Kuroda had with these characters?
  3. What’s the running time for each?

I will send you a PM Pika :slight_smile:

Still available :slight_smile:

Front page (original post) has been updated :slight_smile:

still available

Just got my set in, its really nice. Do you have another Elena for sale? I have a friend who would like one.

Sending you PM now Killy :smiley:

Still available :slight_smile:

Still available, low stock

Been looking to get these DVDs for weeks since I got into Third Strike months ago. I really enjoy watching good players so this was a must for me. I messaged DH020 and got a reply the same day. I paid with PayPal and before I knew it I had a message back with tracking information so I knew when to expect the parcel.

The DVDs were exactly as advertised and the cardboard box was the perfect size to fit all DVDs. Great and friendly service, highly recommended.