WTS - Full Kuroda DVD sets & RARE Kuroda Urien DVD!

Thanks Gameinn pleasure doing business with you :smiley:

DVDs I got work great and were exactly as described. Had a few hitches on my end but once paid they arrived on time. Will buy again in the future. 5 stars.

Thanks Dracula for the feedback :slight_smile:

I have plenty of single character DVD’s available. Lowered the price to $9 from $10 for all DVD’s (apart from Urien which is now $15 instead $16).

I’m interested. Which DVD’s do you have left?

PM me if you still have this.

Still available :slight_smile:

Ordered a set of these; arrived within the expected time frame and in good condition (excepting some trivial structural damage to one of the DVD cases; easily remedied on my end).

The transaction was straightforward and amicable and the goods speak for themselves. These DVDs are not easy to acquire if you don’t live in Japan or know people there; if anyone wants to have a closer look at what Kuroda can do but lacks the aforementioned overseas connections, there’s no better opportunity than the one advertised at present in this thread.

Oh yeah, my 1000th post!

Ordered these as well. Very timely shipping. I live across the country and managed to get them within a week of time. The new DVD artwork looks pretty cool as well. The DVD quality is pretty good, not HD or super crisp but good enough. Will get more in the future once I finish the set I ordered…

A little craziness, I just found out the DVDs were from 2007, all this time I thought they were from 2009. It’s amazing how good Kuroda was at the time already. Truly a master, anyone interested in the game or even a gamer should own a set of these IMO.

Thanks for above feedback! :D. Still available if anyone interested


Still available

I am looking for Kuroda DVDs cand you find more?
tell me prices.

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