WTS: Full Metal, Drilled 6 button GTArcade.com Sanwa Case

Hey everyone,

I bought this case last year as a project to finish, but never actually got around to finishing it!

I don’t really have the time necessary to paint a case well, so I am selling this case. It is made by Shadowzer0, the owner of GTArcade.com, and it is a drilled, full metal case. It also has a lexan top to protect your artwork.

At GTArcade, it sells for $65 + shipping ($20 to the USA). I have put on a coat of high density filling auto primer to the case, so I will be selling mine for $70 shipped. It still needs sanding and painting to be a complete case though.

This case is IDENTICAL to a case you’d get from GTArcade.com because it IS from GTArcade.com

Without further ado, the case!


I really would have loved to finish this myself, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the time.

Please PM/Post if you are interested or have any questions.

Price drop!! $70 Shipped!!

Get this wonderful case while you can!!